Village Regeneration

Community First

A project to enhance the village centers of Montserrat. Look Out, Salem, Cudjoe Head, St Peters, and St. Johns each have a unique character. The Community First project will empower the residents of each village to enhance their village and create additional economic opportunities in conjunction with the promotion and growth of tourism and community living.

Visual Upgrade

Paint will be supplied for residences and businesses in each community with freedom of choice from a selected color chart for each property owner to upgrade the exterior of their buildings. Plants will be supplied from the Government nursery to be planted in accordance with a landscaping plan along the roads and public spaces of each village. Signage will be improved to help identify businesses and promote each business offering. Street lighting will be improved around the core of each village. Off street parking will be provided for each village center to encourage visitor stops and business support. Street furniture in the form of benches, shade shelters and outdoor terrace seating will be planned and materials given to each community to create places to relax and gather. Each village will benefit from the unique opportunities created and members of the community are invited to actively participate in making their villages a better place to live.