Mr Leroy Greaves

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  • Greetings to all residents of Montserrat.

    I am Leroy Greaves. I grew up in and still reside in Salem. I am once again offering myself as a candidate to be elected to the Assembly. This time I am counting on all of you to make sure that it happens.
    My reasons for braving the rigours of politics in general and the election campaign in particular are simple and straight forward. I will briefly discuss them.

    Firstly I believe that all of us are entitled to justice, fairness and the opportunity to live a decent, law-abiding and successful life. I have always been prepared to stand against injustice and unfairness. I have spent my entire adult life living by such beliefs often at great personal sacrifice. If you have known me for a long time you know it is true. If you have not known me for a long time, ask those who do and they will confirm it.

    Secondly I know that I am capable of contributing meaningfully to policies that can further promote development in Montserrat. We need development to create additional jobs especially for our young people. I know what it is to work for a living. I also know that as a result of my training and life experiences I can contribute meaningfully to the kind of innovative and creative policies we need to continue moving Montserrat forward. I Leroy Greaves will work to help MCAP with the implementation especially of approved and funded construction and other development projects quickly. This will help fulfill your dream for a secure job, your desire for proper housing, your expressed wish for adequate, modern, health and educational services; all of which help to maintaining a safe, peaceful and cohesive society. A society in which there is fairness, happiness and freedom for all. I know we have had some significant successes but there is still more to be done. I am ready for the task.

    Thirdly as someone who was part of the transition from pre-volcanic Montserrat to a regenerated Montserrat, I am ready to participate in a programme of transformation for our new society. I do not only have skills but I have the values and attitudes that any member of our Assembly should have. I believe your representatives must never forget who they represent and why. You elect us to make life better for you the people. Your representatives must be conscientious and remain ever conscious of “HOW” they represent you. How you ask? I believe with dignity, a deep sense of caring and responsibility, accountability transparency and empathy, with diligence and wisdom. To this I humbly pledge, God being my helper. You will see evidence of that when you elect me.

    I am confident in the future of our country provided we retain the kind of leadership and teamwork that is one of the hallmarks of our MCAP team. It is one of my reasons for offering myself to you. I am part of MCAP. MCAP was and remains the best option for Montserrat. You will hear more of that from me on the campaign trail but for the moment I will just remind you that I am part of the team that continues to build the dream for Montserratians to include our residents and those overseas.

    I am proud of MCAP’s efforts and progress towards bringing GEOTHERMAL electric power, to lower your electricity bills; the fully equipped new modern hospital, and housing scheme soon to come.

    As a citizen, I am proud of what MCAP has done at the Little Bay town centre; and the focus on a deep water harbor; villas and hotel development in Little Bay. Little Bay, will be marvelous!! It will bring, plenty work and opportunities for residents of Montserrat. The evidence is there already. But when elected, I want most of all, to champion the modernization and; regeneration/reconstruction of Village Centres across Montserrat. The Regeneration of Village Centres in: St. John’s, Cudjoe Head, and St. Peter’s Village; construction of additional amenities for the people of Look Out and; the regeneration of Salem Village centre, along with the associated clean-up and beautification in each of these Centres. These Village Regeneration projects will transform how our villages look, improve our quality of life and how we feel about the whole of Montserrat. It also makes for a better tourism product. Montserrat is still beautiful. Let us make the most of that blessing.

    What will be the result? Jobs to beautify the village centres – jobs for architects, engineers, jobs for contractors and their work crews, Jobs to build – beautifully designed buildings to house amenities such as – Beauty Salons – Cook Shops- Market areas – Grocery stores, office space, Recreation and Games rooms – etc. I am talking about creating jobs and providing greater convenience for young and old in your own villages.

    So irrespective of old political allegiances, support me and all members of the MCAP team. Together with you we will continue to make our country a better and more prosperous place to live.

    Montserrat needs you! Montserrat needs MCAP.MCAP needs you to vote for us. Remember that on Election Day. Put me in the place where I can do more to help you and our country; the Legislative Assembly.

    Vote for Leroy Greaves, vote for team MCAP and may God bless Montserrat and may God bless you. Thanking you I am Leroy Greaves of Team MCAP.