Our Stewardship

The timeline below shows snippets of what MCAP has accomplished.

  • Port Development

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    The designers for the port development project at Carr’s Bay are approaching the completion of the design, expected by May 2014. Preliminary estimates indicate that the facility will cost over US$100 million.

    This project is critical to unlocking greater economic activities and accelerated growth for Montserrat. It must be emphasized that if the design and scope is compromised, we will not deliver Little Bay Town in the foreseeable future and our reliance on the UK taxpayer for our operational needs will remain for a very long time. The cumulative effect of prolonged aid receipts will dwarf any investment made now to obtain a proper port facility.

    We cannot compromise on the scope of this critical seaside facility. We are already paying for the mistake of building an inappropriate airport facility that is not in sync with airlines already in use in the region and our future needs.

    We have already completed phase 1A of the Port Development Project – the removal of Gunn Hill. This component of the project was developed to provide working space during the construction phase and to be the main area for the new port facility.

    Power Generation

    The contract for the construction of the Power Station and for the procurement and installation of the generators has been awarded. The project is expected to be completed by the end of May 2015. This project would enable the island to have a reliable power supply during the development of the geothermal plant and also provide a backup source of energy during the periodic maintenance of the geothermal plant.



    The development of geothermal energy is a core component of the MCAP administration’s strategic growth plan to move Montserrat towards financial self-sufficiency and to reduce our dependence on fossil fuel. The drilling phase of the project has been completed. On the basis of initial testing both wells are capable of producing over 2 megawatts of power, sufficient to meet the current peak load. The final sign off with the consulting firm was concluded on the 21st March 2014. We are therefore now in a position to complete the long term testing by July 2014. The testing phase would determine the type of plant required to generate electricity to feed into the grid. To date, over $34m has been expended on the project. Another consultancy is running in tandem to examine the most cost effective means of linking this renewable source of power to the national grid. Currently we use just under $10M in diesel for power generation. This is the approximate sum we will save annually in our import bill. The successful development of geo-thermal energy presents many opportunities for Montserrat leading to enhanced opportunities for industrial development, cost savings to consumers and a reduction of our carbon footprint.

    Groundbreaking – Multipurpose Sports Complex

    A landmark ground-breaking ceremony for Montserrat’s first Multi-purpose Sports Complex was held Thursday morning (6 February 2014) at the designated site in Little Bay.

    The Multipurpose Sports Complex, when completed, will be a one-stop sports and fitness hub offering a 50M Junior Olympic sized swimming pool facility, multi-use court for basketball, netball and volleyball as well as a Taekwondo, indoor football, and a Kiddie’s swimming area.

    News Update

    • More Underground Ducts Installed
    • Demolition of the Gun Hill Site in Progress
    • Montserrat Geothermal Project Update


    PWD Moves To Brades


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    Public Works and Labour Department Moves into New Brades Headquarters.

    DFID Increases Funding For Improved Access & Education

    Following detailed discussions and negotiations with HM Government, DFID Montserrat is pleased to announce that the access subsidy will be increased to facilitate improved sea access to Montserrat. This means a bigger, faster and more comfortable ferry will be operating 5 days a week.


    look out1

    Following discussions with GoM on how best to deliver the Lookout School Project; DFID is now pleased to announce the approval of additional funding and a time extension to the project.

    The additional capital will further investment in education and infrastructure on Montserrat. The project will deliver:

    o Refurbished, furnished and equipped buildings at Lookout School
    o A multi purpose sports hall with changing rooms
    o IT classroom
    o Library
    o Improved facilities for staff


    Montserrat Grassroots Youth Development Program

    Rising Stars Cricket Club (RSCC) founded in 2010 by The Hon. Colin Riley and David Lane runs the Grassroots Cricket Programme for the Montserrat Cricket Association (MCA).

    The MCA Grassroots Programme is sponsored by DIGICEL through the West Indies Cricket Board.

    To date, the club has provided equipment sponsorships to (6) six of its youth cricketers and (4) four Montserrat national team players.

    Recently, RSCC organised a high-level training programme for club member, Deno Baker, with level 3 coach: Debadeen Mannick @ the Felicity Cricket Club in Trinidad, West Indies.

    Montserrat Delegation Optimistic After Overseas Visit

    Honourable Premier Reuben Meade led a delegation of Montserrat officials To Dubai & Brussels. The team consisted of Executive Chairman of the Montserrat Development Corporation (MDC): John Ryan, the Honourable Financial Secretary: John Skerritt, and Lane Pettigrew: MDC architectural support team, in Dubai.

    The Premier reported that talks were exceptionally lucrative in both locations [Dubai & Brussels respectively], and is optimistic that Montserrat can derive tangible benefits in the near future.

    Discussions held in Dubai with potential investors culminated in the signing of a letter of intent which identifies the areas in which further work will be done to explore development opportunities in the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean.


    New Glendon Hospital Redevelopment Proposal

    The $34,000,000 XCD Hospital Redevelopment Project, a collaborative effort by the Project Implementation Unit (PIU), Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance and the Honourable Colin Riley, is in its final stage of design.

    Construction is scheduled to begin in August, after a phased bidding process where a local construction firm will be selected.

    The New Glendon Hospital is the centerpiece of the Health Service Improvement Plan which includes provisions for new equipment, staff training, and a comprehensive remodeling of Health Finance and the treatment of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs).


    Port Little Bay: Montserrat – An Increasingly Popular Port of Call

    Port Little Bay is becoming an increasingly popular port of call for yachts & small cruise liners. During 2012: 840 cruise ship passengers visited Montserrat on Sea Dream and Island Sky Cruise Liners. In the same reporting period, 327 Yachts calls carrying 1,371 passengers and crew were made to port Little Bay. Sea Dream 1 docked Port Little Bay carrying 104 passengers on 12 April 2013. During their eight-hour stay on shore the passengers toured the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean.

    Montserrat African Musical Festival

    During the weeklong St. Patrick’s Festival in Montserrat, Jalikunda Cissokho exceeded all expectations with their completely masterful performance, allowing Montserratians to get a step closer to their native ancestry.

    Davy Hill Housing Ground Breaking Ceremony

    ground copy

    The Davy Hill new housing development plan is set to construct twenty (20) residential dwellings on two and a quarter acres; land, roads, electricity, water and sewage development all inclusive

    Little Bay Town Development

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    Beginning of the construction of Marine Village

    Governance and Leadership

    We have established a Cabinet Secretariat, whereby policy and planning coordination functions have been strengthened. This will ensure that these functions are more focussed to provide the necessary information and policy advice to Cabinet. This, we expect, will increase the effectiveness of Cabinet in managing public policies.

    Local Economy

    There was an overall increase in the level of economic activity on Montserrat, preliminary growth estimate of 4.1% was recorded in 2011.

    A1 Road Project


    A total of 23.1 million EC dollars was earmarked for the project to improve the main road and culverts from Salem to St. John.