The party has

  1. the ability to work harmoniously as a team because priorities have to be established on the basis of national need; the greatest good for the greatest number over the long-term
MCAP went into office as a team, completed its term as a team, and remains a team

  1. the ability to consult openly with the people to ensure that their felt-needs will be addressed in all plans for development
MCAP has a history of consultation with regard to plans and legislation and we remain committed to consultation in the future – recall the community consultations and the Charet at the Cultural Centre

  1. the capacity to plan purposefully with clearly stated goals, projects and programmes to ensure that limited resources are used effectively to address needs
MCAP has produced all the critical plans and agreements necessary for Montserrat's sustainable development and has already laid the requisite foundation

  1. the capacity to articulate a Vision for the long-term development of Montserrat that can be embraced by our people
MCAP has articulated a Vision that reflects the desires and ambitions of our people

  1. a range of skills and attitude of adaptability to face new and unfolding challenges
MCAP has found solutions to new challenges and has the capacity to do the same in the future

  1. the capacity, maturity and diplomacy to work with Her Majesty’s Government and development partners in an atmosphere of respect
MCAP has received more support from development partners than any previous administration. The MCAP team is now even more experienced than any other party in dealing with development partners

  1. the recognition that Montserrat may be uniquely beautiful and “off the beaten path” but we are a part of a “global village”. A government must appreciate that Montserrat has to seize the opportunity to overcome some of the disadvantages of small size, small population and limited resource bases by using modern technology
MCAP has led the way in the use of technology in government and has the team with the skills to continue providing such leadership

  1. the understanding that because of the volcanic events, Montserrat has changed at a faster pace than most societies
MCAP has a team of persons who have provided leadership in political dimensions. The Team MCAP has an understanding of what is required and the capacity to do it

  1. a willingness to work across the divide created by party politics to harness the best talents of our people in the national interest
MCAP’s history shows that we are a party prepared to work with people of all political persuasions - even those who oppose us publicly. Several of them were placed in positions of trust by MCAP, yet they opposed us by contesting elections; some have done it more than once. We remain committed to a policy of inclusiveness

In looking to the future we as nationals and residents of Montserrat must see HOPE not only as an emotion but a state of mind that will help us to face the challenges that our circumstances present and to continue moving forward through tough times. Montserrat has had a protracted period of tough times. MCAP has dealt with the challenges and kept hope in the forefront of all of our strategies. MCAP has articulated clear goals, we showed how the goals can be achieved and we committed ourselves to the task of converting hope to a better quality of life for all.

MCAP is the best choice for Montserrat as we look to the future. Here are some of the reasons:

  1. MCAP delivered during our first term – ( see details of accomplishments in other sections of this manifesto)

  2. The MCAP team has a shared Vision and Strategy for the development of Montserrat as well as shared values and beliefs. MCAP was created to rescue the country through their values-based perspective. We were all raised by parents known for their values and principles, and have lived by those values

  3. MCAP comprises the most capable team; partisan political loyalty cannot change that. It is a fact

  4. The MCAP team has the widest range of technical and professional skills and experiences of any team facing the election - our candidates have training, qualifications, skills and experience in Physical Planning, Banking, Agriculture, Ornamental Horticulture and Landscaping, Commerce and Marketing, Construction, Song writing and performing, Health Care, Science and Technology, Economics, Disaster Recovery Management

  5. MCAP is the most politically experienced team contesting the election and there is no substitute for experience

  6. Members of the MCAP team have the most experience in the public and private sectors. This gives us a unique advantage to develop and implement policies that can assist all sectors. We understand what it means to live from what you earn on a job

  7. MCAP is comprised of pragmatic and realistic members – we are the same wherever we are and with whomever we interact – we do not posture to cultivate popularity

  8. The MCAP team is a team with a Vision and agreed values - not a collection of individuals coming together to try to gain political office

  9. The MCAP team comprises Montserratians whose service to country above self and whose love for Montserrat is obvious by the kinds of sacrifices we have made in our lives over the years

  10. As individuals and as a party, the MCAP team has shown the capacity to overcome hardships and challenges of all kinds

  11. We are an innovative and creative team. MCAP is a solution-focused party. We work hard to find answers rather than dwell on problems. This is illustrated by the innovative ways in which we were able to keep public sector workers employed and lift the country out of the depths of recession

  12. MCAP comprises a team of individuals who are decisive. We take decisions. We take decisions that are in the best interest of Montserrat even if the decisions do not please everyone and may cause us to lose some political support sometimes or energize our detractors. Our record in office clearly shows this. We are decisive and courageous

  13. MCAP is an empathetic party. We know what it is like to face hardships ion life because of your circumstances. We care for people and work hard to improve the lives of people especially those who need a “hand up in addition to a handout”. Despite that we promote human dignity and self-respect not dependency, we do not encourage dependency on politicians for hand-outs

  14. MCAP is prepared to look and policies, programmes and processes that might have outlived their usefulness and say – let us change them. We have done exactly that with many government services. The services have been improved as a result of our approach

  15. MCAP team members can represent Montserrat in any regional or international gathering without the fear that we do not know what we are saying or how we should express ourselves. We are all competent communicators who are emotionally intelligent as well as capable. However we do not “kiss up to anyone”

  16. MCAP does not use political office to intimidate. The extent to which our detractors feel free to “attack” us in all forms of media tells that story well

In 2009 MCAP took a bold step for a party seeking office. We committed ourselves to an 11-point Pledge. That showed that we were then and remain now, a values-based party. The fact that we are prepared to revisit and recommit to the MCAP Pledge is clear evidence that for MCAP, political office is about helping people not seeking power. The Pledge included the key words and phrases shown below:

  • …………… team spirit and shared responsibilities
  • …………… embrace all groups
  • …………… stimulating private investment
  • …………… protection of the rights of all workers
  • …………… zero tolerance for crime
  • …………… reforming and modernizing the education system
  • …………… facilitating adult education; retraining for workers
  • …………… partner with the private sector and communities
  • …………… enable young men and women to make major contributions to the restoration and rebuilding of Montserrat;………….. empower the youth for creative participation
  • …………… restore the public trust in government……..ensuring transparency and accountability…….. protect no interest except the public good

We reaffirm our commitment to the principles and values expressed, implied and embodied in the MCAP Pledge. It bound us then, as it binds us now to operating as a government that is committed to service for the benefit of our people. It is a commitment to functioning as a team with a recognized, undisputed leader but with a belief in collective responsibility. The commitment to that Pledge helps us to keeps a focus on dealing with the challenges of today without reducing the opportunities for future generations of Montserratians. We commit to the MCAP Pledge again to serve the interest of you the people of Montserrat and not any special interest group. All of us, as MCAP candidates so pledge.

  • Reuben T Meade

  • Charles Kirnon

  • Easton Taylor Farrell

  • Colin Riley

  • Jermaine Wade

  • Brenda Daley

  • Roy Greaves

  • Samuel Joseph

  • Justin “Hero” Cassell

  • Establish the National Audit Office
  • Develop and implement a plan for compliance with International Standards of Supreme Audit Institutions
  • Increase the participation of the private sector and civil society in national development planning
  • Continue to implement the legislative reform Programme including resourcing the Legislative drafting Division
  • Establish the Commissions of the 2010 Constitution Order
  • Establish a framework for the regulation of standards for the private sector
  • Develop a National Monitoring and Evaluation System
Strive to develop a more customer-focused, performance –oriented Public Service
  • Review and update human resource management policies, procedures and practices
  • Introduce a revised performance and Reward Management Systems
  • Introduce a cost-effective Induction programme for public officers
  • Implement more customer service programmes
  • Conduct a government-wide organisation review to redefine core functions/ services
  • Implement the E–Government Policy and Action Plan
Increase Montserrat’s participation in the regional and global sphere
  • Seek endorsement of entrustments and extensions from the UK Government for Montserrat’s accession to additional regional and international treaties – OECS; CARICOM/CSME
  • Meet financial obligations to regional institutions
  • Introduce technology for machine readable travel documents
Maintain high standards of public order and safety
  • Implement a youth crime management strategy
  • Increase community policing initiatives
  • Implement public education programmes to fight crime
  • Use new methods such as mentorship in training programmes for police officers
  • Procure safety equipment foe land, air and sea interdiction
  • Build the capacity of the Marine Unit
  • Install electronic surveillance systems in designated public areas
  • Introduce programmes to assist with the re-integration of ex-offenders
  • Reduce recidivism by providing additional training for prison offers and selected volunteers
  • Seek to establish a Legal Aid Scheme
  • Review and implement juvenile and family laws, regulations and procedures in line with international requirements
  • Obtain funding for purpose built court facilities
Youth Affairs and Sports

  • Implementation of a National Youth Policy
  • Young Professional Internships
  • Introduce a Youth Coordinator post and increase complement of youth officers
  • Youth Ambassadors Corporation – Youth Advisory Council
  • Young Entrepreneurs
  • National Island Scholar
  • Explore alternative scholarship availabilities
  • Youth Skills Institute
  • School Book Aid Programme
  • National Student Database
  • Continued Support for Young Enterprise Initiatives
  • Advanced HYPE to include entrepreneurial support as an alternative approach training
  • Launch a ‘YA’ youth in agriculture program

  • Attract regional and international tournaments in different disciplines
  • Appoint an officer to seek scouting recruits in various source disciplines and source scholarships and professional opportunities for our athletes
  • Develop and enhance sports and recreational sites in every community
  • Emphasis on sports tourism attracting off season athletes
  • Introduction of a sport federation as an umbrella body of sports
  • Facilitate the introduction of new sporting disciplines, namely, boxing, swimming, etc, wherever there is an interest modeled on the Motor Sports Association
  • National Recognition of our athletes to serve as motivation
  • Seek greater collaboration with neighbouring islands and British Overseas Territories and through MOUs
  • Train our coaches to the highest standard
  • Emphasis on restoring Salem Park and enhancing the Little Bay Park
  • Develop sports as an industry as a career path for our citizens
  • Invest in athletes that demonstrate great promise at national, regional and international levels
  • Develop an Annual Sports Calendar starting 2015 to accommodate comprehensive planning/budgeting
  • Introduce a sports career aspect to the MSS/Youth Department Career Week
  • Introduce a mind game aspect to annual national sports agenda
  • Establish an inschool sports programme beyond third form at MSS
  • Encourage closer bonds with British sport bodies and local associations
  • Introduce a regional component to the Easter Monday Road Relay
  • Lower taxes for hotels and restaurant related from (10% hotels to 5%, Villas 7% to 5% )
  • Double available room space by 2019
  • Create market for high end and budget conscious travellers
  • Will double the tourist arrival by 2018
  • Will attract foreign investment and facilitate local investment in both foreign investment and self-own investments
  • Comprehensive review of the Hotels Aide Act and Hotels Tax Act
  • Create 300 jobs through tourism (construction & service related)
  • Rebrand Montserrat as “the way the Caribbean used to be”
  • Diversify the tourism package to cover sports tourism, eco-tourism, education tourism
  • Will open alternate routes in and out of Montserrat (Guadeloupe, SK, SXM)
  • Will establish formal links with the Irish tourist market
  • Free training available to all in Hotel, Restaurant, Taxi & Tour Industry

    Tourism development
    • Implement the third phase of the Tourism Development Plan
    • Improve designated land-side attractions
    Reliable and affordable air and sea access
    • Upgrade the ferry service
    • Facilitate re-introduction of a Twin Otter aircraft
    • Finalize MOU for Bryson’s Pier in Antigua
    • Construct a new passenger facility at Little Bay
    • Study prospects for night-landing at airport
    • Explore prospects for gateways in addition to Antigua
    Strengthen Health Sector Governance and Services
    • Implement the Hospital & Health Care Improvement Project – including a new hospital facility
    • Equip the hospital appropriately
    • Implement mental health Policy recommendations
    • Implement National HIV /AIDS policy provisions
    • Implement the Disability Policy
    • Develop memoranda of Understanding with relevant private sector stakeholders
    • Continue the visiting specialist programme
    • Implement a sustained fitness and sports programme to combat the effects of lifestyle diseases
    Improved Environmental Health Services
    • Implement a food hygiene policy that will include standards for food production and safety
    • Implement the updated Food and Nutrition Policy
    • Implement a sewerage master plan
    • Improve strategies for solid waste management
    Agriculture Trade Lands Housing and The Environment
    Achieve self-sufficiency in selected foods and make agriculture viable
    • Continue Training farmers and fishermen in modern techniques
    • Provide incentives for farmers and fishers
    • Build additional linkages between tourism and agriculture
    • Integrate technology into food production
    Conserve Bio diversity and natural resources
    • Implemented and updated soil and water conservation programme
    • Provide training for staff and farmers in relevant soil conservation techniques
    • Monitor and regulate all scientific research on Montserrat’s biodiversity
    • Introduce and manage an updated Protected Areas Plan
    • Monitor and combat threats from invasive species
    • Maintain relevant public education programmes
    • Develop and manage protocols for historic sites
    • Continue to develop historic sites
    Increase coping capacity to adapt to climate change
    • Update and implement the National Climate Change Adaptation Policy
    • Integrate Climate Change Adaptation strategies into National Development Plans
    • Establish a National Climate Change Committee
    Increase access to decent and affordable housing
    • Update and continue to implement the National Housing Strategy with the appropriate legal and administrative framework
    • Expand public/private partnerships to continue making housing solutions more accessible and affordable
    • Expand the provision of housing solutions to meet increasing demand
    • Implement a land serving policy
    • Implement and enforce minimum standards for decent housing and enact a revised Building Code
    • Provide housing grants for vulnerable persons
    • Assist persons who still need basic sanitary facilities and safe drinking water
    Improve Educational results at all levels
    • Continue implementing the Educational Development Plan
    • Continue to implement the revised Early Childhood Education Strategy
    • Modify the curriculum at Primary & Secondary level
    • Place emphasis on management and leadership training for staff
    • Expand local teacher training
    • Expand plant and facilities as recommended by studies
    • Provide additional specialized facilities for science and technology – equip and maintain them
    • Continue to integrate ICT into the curriculum with appropriate staff and student training
    • Explore options for expanding Tertiary education in Montserrat
    • Introduce appropriate legal and oversight arrangements for tertiary education – licences etc
    Communication and Works

    Village Regeneration

    Establish a mechanism to support private sector growth Implement a programme to market Montserrat as a competitive business destination
    Complete the port and town centre
    • Complete the construction of and commence Carr’s Bay Port operations
    • Complete the Little bay Town Centre
    Improve public utilities, road systems and services
    • Continue and complete the Brades to Saint John’s main road
    • Construct a new power station
    • Increase water storage capacity by 360,000 gallons
    • Maintain Disaster management programme
    • Introduce Climate Change Adaptation programme
    Leverage ICT to support development
    • Implement the National ICT Policy and Plan
    • Create the appropriate legal framework for investment in the ICT sector
    • Reinstall the fibre optic cable link
    • Provide incentives for private sector investment in the ICT sector