Mr Justin Hero Cassell

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  • Justin ‘Hero’ Cassell is referred to by many as a cultural icon, an action man, a man who gets things done. He is the son of the late Joseph and Veronica Cassell and a staunch member of the Roman Catholic community.

    He was educated at the St Augustine Catholic Primary School and the Montserrat Secondary School. On completing his O and A levels, Justin pursued a course of study at the Jamaica School of Agriculture, graduating with a First Class Honours Diploma in Agricultural Science. He subsequently attended the University of the West Indies, Trinidad and graduated with an Upper Second Honours Bachelor of science Degree in Agronomy. Justin also pursued studies in Education Administration at the University of Gainesville.

    Justin worked with the Department of Agriculture for about 12 years in various positions to include Chief Extension Officer and Development and Research Officer. Among his outstanding accomplishments are the implementation of the Irrigation and extension projects and the organization of the 2004 National Agricultural Exhibition, all of which were undertaken during the height of the volcanic crisis.

    He also pioneered the teaching of agriculture science programs, at the secondary school level, in the Bahamas and Montserrat. Under his tutelage students on Montserrat received outstanding results with an 85% and over success rate. Additionally, Justin owns and operates a landscaping business, which provides jobs for many and has contributed to the aesthetics and value of real estate on Montserrat.

    Justin Cassell is a man of the people. He is comfortable with people of all walks of life. Justin has given freely of his knowledge of calypso to help young people to excel in the art form. He has been mentor and advisor to more calypso monarchs that anyone else.

    Justin knows what it means to sacrifice to educate children to do the job that becomes available until you get the job you prefer. Justin lives in the real world so he knows what is required to represent the people of Montserrat who live in the real world. Justin does not pretend. What you see is always what you get. He has been a hero in calypso now you can call him to higher service. Put the hero in the Assembly.

    Justin Cassell has the training, experience, and commitment to excellence and compassion to help build a country of hope, confidence and growth. So on Election Day vote for Justin Hero Cassell, vote all 9 for MCAP.