Hon Reuben T. Meade

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  • What is team MCAP? It is a group of persons that has over the past 23 years been working as a team (first as NPP and later rebranded MCAP) to bring coordination and synergies in governance. These persons have their individual strengths which, when combined under the strong leadership of their team leader, REUBEN T MEADE, bring out the required policies, programmes and approaches to create the redevelopment of Montserrat’s economy and it’s people. UNITY IS STRENGTH. TEAM MCAP. Individually we can do some things but together we can and have achieved much.


    Reuben T Meade prefers to be referred to as a former construction worker having spent the period 1997-2008 in that field physically helping to rebuild houses in Montserrat. As a trained economist he has worked on projects in every english speaking CARICOM state for the Caribbean Development Bank. He was recalled to Montserrat to head the Montserrat Sea Island Cotton Company and later to Head the Economic Development Unit. He has been an elected member of the local Legislature continuously since 1991 – including as Chief Minister from 1991-1996 and 2009-2011 when that role was reclassified as Premier, which he currently holds.

    Reuben T Meade has shown a level of commitment to Montserrat and it’s development. However, he believes that only with a committed team of dedicated and skilled members that the Development process can proceed at a realistic pace. He has a will to succeed in getting the support to build a modern Montserrat economy aspiring to the highest standards of achievement.

    He has molded a team that has delivered. Without this MCAP team being re-elected, the development projects may again go into dormancy and so will the Montserrat economy.

    The team is firm and principled in its decision making. As a caring government, we have used the resources available in a prudent manner not only for infrastructure development but also for the training of our youth, stabilising the economic decline and ensuring that the aged and indigent are treated with the utmost respect.

    Here are some recent highlights and plans for continuing to take Montserrat forward.

    • Persons without indoor toilets are being provided with this basic need.
    • Meals on wheels will be provided everyday to the most needy throughout the year.
    • There is a work programme being developed for the capable elderly to allow them not only to obtain more money but also to make them feel that they are contributing to the development of Montserrat.
    • More than 150 government-facilitated houses have been built over the past five years.
    • We have allowed the lower income groups to own homes based on their financial capacity.
    • Dilapidated houses built by previous administrations have been gradually replaced or structurally improved.
    • Our farmers are producing more.
    • Small business operators are being assisted and encouraged to grow.
    • Health services to include visiting medical specialists have been provided to reduce the cost of and increase the availability of such specialized medical services.
    • Sporting activities are being developed to the benefit of our young athletes.
    • Private sector employment has increased along with increased foreign exchange earnings from our local exports.
    • Air and sea transport facilities and services have improved.
    • A new power plant is being built. Construction has commenced.
    • Geothermal power resources are being developed to provide not only green and renewable energy but also will reduce the electricity cost. The project is now fully funded with completion by 2017.
    • A new hospital is being designed for completion by 2016.
    • Permanent accommodation has been and continues to be built for all Ministries to include a new Parliament building, new facilities for the Legal Department to include the offices of the DPP and a new courthouse. The funding for these we expect to be approved in 2014. All of these are to be built in Little Bay.
    • Offices for the Treasury, Customs and Revenue Departments at Brades – currently being tendered.
    • MSS reconstruction and expansion project has also been approved.
    • The AO1 main road project to be completed.
    • Fibre optics reinstallation program is being concluded.
    • The Little Bay build out is continuing.
    • The Major Port Project is still under negotiations with likely investors are looking promising.
    • The major hotel and villa project in Little Bay is being progressed.
    • We have not sent home any civil servants while providing two salary adjustment benefits over the past five years.

    This is a taste of what we have done and will continue to do as Team MCAP.

    If persons can only come together in loose groups with less than four months before an election and promise to do better than a stable team that has proven itself, how then can you trust rookies to take over and continue now? Clearly not.

    Can a set of individuals claim they will work with one another if elected, when they cannot work together to win an election. Can you trust them to run your island at this stage. Clearly the answer is no.

    Who can you trust?

    A team with a clear track record of getting things done. Working with investors. Working with funding agencies. Working closely with regional organisations. A team with strong and proven leadership that builds on the strengths of each team member -that is Team MCAP. On Election Day vote for TEAM MCAP. VOTE FOR THE TEAM TO FULFILL THE DREAM. VOTE ALL 9. MCAP.