Hon Jermaine Wade

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  • Representation matters, performance matters and people matter most. This is an ideal of which Jermaine Wade believes in and a concept that is embodied as a member of MCAP (Movement for Change and Prosperity). He was born on 18th October 1984. He is a proud alumnus of the Plymouth Primary School and the Montserrat School Secondary. In 2009, at the tender age of 24, he created history by becoming the youngest person to be elected to the legislature in Montserrat.

    With the aim to expand his academia and as a Community Development Officer for the Government of Montserrat, in 2009 Mr. Wade embarked on following one of his passions. He was successfully accepted into two universities but then decided to embody the principle “service above self”. Mr. Wade deferred his studies and offered himself as a candidate with MCAP for the 2009 general elections. In doing so, he put the need of his homeland before his own and consequently he found his true calling.

    Accomplishing great success with his bid to represent his people and country at the polls, Mr. Wade was appointed as a Parliamentary Secretary within the Government of Montserrat. This post was a first for Montserrat and quite fittingly Mr. Wade was given responsibilities for the areas of Youth Affairs, Sports and Culture.

    Providing service and representation has been an integral part of Mr. Wade’s life, spanning all his youth years and his seven civil service years within the Government of Montserrat as a Customs Officer and Community Development Officer. Most notable are:

    Two terms as CARICOM Youth Ambassador

    Commonwealth Youth Ambassador

    United Nations Youth Spokesperson on MDG’s

    Vice President of the National Youth Council

    Two terms as President of Rotaract Club of Montserrat

    Vice President of the Catholic Youth Community

    Two terms as Chief Minister of the Montserrat Youth Parliament

    A passion and skill for representation and service that started at an early age in the Catholic Church and the Montserrat Secondary School has progressed and prospered. Through commitment and dedication, Mr. Wade has established himself in the Montserrat community and in the Caribbean region with his many involvements and representations. Notable involvements are:

    Former Board Member Montserrat Development Cooperation

    Vice-Chair of the Montserrat Festival Committee

    CARICOM Commission on Youth Development
    Strategic CARICOM Task Working Group on youth Development

    Regional Anti-Doping Organization (RADO)

    Member of the Public Accounts Committee
    PRO & Trustee of the Old People Welfare Association

    Head Judge of Teacher/Student Awards Committee

    Manager Montserrat Volcanics National Basketball Team

    Mr. Wade’s tenure as a representative of Montserrat has allowed him to further develop and better equip himself to serve his people. Since the 2009 elections, Mr. Wade has acquired several professional and academic accreditations including three professional certifications with the Caribbean Health Leadership Institute “CHLI”, Governance and Management Services International “GMSI” and the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies “ICPS” respectively. Committed to his personal and professional advancemen,t Mr. Wade has completed an Executive Diploma in Management Studies, equivalent associate’s degree from the Cave Hill School of Business, University of the West Indies.

    Mr. Wade’s commitment to his people has been hard-fought but a satisfying journey, enacting changes from the backbench’s of Parliament without a Ministry. Mr. Wade has registered commendable achievements in his first term with zeal and passion to achieve so much more. Some notable accomplishments under his stewardship are as follow:


    “HYPE” – A Flagship project that administered skills training through apprenticeship to over 200 youth.

    “Youth Policy” review and approval which has being ignored by previous governments since 2004.

    Introduction of 5 new youth programs to a compliment of 15 youth programs.

    Conceptualize the “Youth Enterprise Scheme” (YES) fostering the micro & small business legislation and fund providing small business loans to our people.


    Successfully lobbied the negotiation for Montserrat’s first Sports Indoor Centre.

    Initiated and signed a Memorandum of Understanding on sports with Antigua & Barbuda.

    Introduction of fastest growing sport world wide “Motor Sports” to Montserrat.

    Facilitated Montserrat’s return to the Junior Athletics competition after 14 years.

    Facilitated Montserrat’s return to Leeward Islands Basketball tournament after 10 years.

    Facilitated numerous sports exchanges in golf, basketball, motor sports and football.

    Restoring and upgrading the Brades Basket Ball Court.

    Lighting of the St. Peter’s Basket Ball Court.


    Initiated and approved a “Cultural Policy” for Montserrat

    Widened the scope of the Cultural Department.

    Successfully lobbied for the Procurement of a Montserrat owned Performance Stage.

    Successful management of “Festival 50″ – bringing 3400 visitors & injecting $2.2 mil into the economy.
    Introduced concessions on Musical instruments and sound equipment.
    Advanced the process of National Honours & Awards.

    The compliment and scope of Mr. Wade’s contribution to Montserrat has been far and wide-reaching. Perseverance, dedication and a commitment to serve and represent his people are unquestionable traits of Jermaine Wade. It is with passion, perseverance and determination that Mr. Wade once again offers himself as your candidate for the general elections with the Movement for Change and Prosperity “MCAP” 2014. “Vote Jermaine Wade, Vote Team MCAP”