Hon. Colin Riley


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  • Accomplishments of Colin M. Riley, MLA

    Movement for Change and Prosperity (MCAP) Candidate, 2014 General Elections


    Colin M. Riley is a Montserratian who is passionate about the development of our island community. He is educated as a geographer, town and country planner, and commercial real estate developer, three professions that are closely connected to the economic development process. Mr. Riley is a firm believer in the principles of ‘high performance and success’ and is an advocate for a ‘New Montserrat’ in which high levels of technical competency, skills, academic understanding, and community spiritedness can lead to a better island. He also believes that Montserrat must follow the example of other high performance islands by doing ‘One Thing Exceptionally Well, One Activity at a Time’. By this he means that any area we choose to work on we must aim to become the best at it, leaving no stone unturned in our efforts.

    Hard Work and Dedication Leading to Quality Schools, Quality Health Care, Supportive Social Welfare

    Leadership in All Areas and Sectors

    Accomplishments as a Minister of Government and Member of the Legislative Assembly

    Ministry of Health and Social Services

    Led a team of professionals that resulted in a new EC$34,500,000 hospital that was announced by the Government of Montserrat and DfID in November 2009 as a fully funded project

    Placed new emphasis on the ‘Visiting Medical Specialists Programme’ that has brought highly trained doctors to Montserrat in the areas of Gynecology, Urology, Gastroenterology, Cardiology and Dentistry

    Championed the community involvement in the Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases (NDCs) through education, information, diet, and exercise

    Secured additional financing of EC$2,100,000 from DfID in 2013 to pay for ‘health emergencies’ and other emergencies in the public finances

    Led a team from the Ministry of Health that resulted in $700,000 of new funds being provided for Montserrat’s health services in the December 2013 Supplementary Appropriation at the Legislative Assembly

    Supported ‘patient rights’ to a high quality health service by treating all cases with the same level of urgency and working with families to deliver that care to their loved ones

    Developed and maintained a good working relationship with the Permanent Secretary, the Chief Medical Officer and the Principal Nursing Officer that caused an improvement in the 24-hour responsiveness to medical emergencies that need evacuation to nearby hospitals overseas

    Won a scholarship in medicine for a bright, young Montserratian woman now at UWI, Mona and in her third year studying to be a doctor: (this training programme was not on the initial priority list in 2012 that was prepared to Cabinet by HR)
    Provided scholarships for five nurses in the 2013 training awards season for studies in nursing management, psychiatric nursing, midwifery, and RN certification

    Completed a cemetery at Lookout that provides over 30 years of respectful burial spaces for our loved ones both at home and in the Diaspora

    Supported an increase in Social Welfare payments that received $600,000 from DfID in June 2014

    Began negotiations with hospitals in Guadeloupe, Martinique, Barbados, Antigua and St. Maarten that will result in Memoranda of Understanding between Glendon and each of these hospitals

    Provided night hours security at the hospital on a written request by the Civil Service Association that came in April 2014 (the response was immediate)

    Began the process of upgrading the nurses allowances by endorsing the application for a review of these allowances and working the case internally

    Represented Montserrat with distinction as the chairman of COHSOD (CARICOM’s Human and Social Development arm), the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA), and PANCAP (Pan-Caribbean Action against HIV and AIDS) (read former Labour Commissioner Denise Philip’s Facebook posting from the meeting floor in Guyana)

    Made an administrative change at the head of Ministry to facilitate better working relations for medical professionals, particularly doctors (no doctor resignations until elections 2014)

    Ministry of Education, Youth Affairs and Sports

    Developed an Education Improvement Plan with five key areas, that was implemented in 2012 and did this with Montserrat professionals, not DfID advisers

    2014 results in the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) and other test scores show that our two primary schools are improving (Brade’s Primary School got 11 of the top 15 places on the island)

    The Montserrat Secondary School is also improving. CXC results are getting better each year and more students are getting nine and 10 Grade One’s than at any time in the history of the exams at the MSS

    Delivered laptop computers at a 66% discount to every child in the MSS, a programme that has received approval from the parents who bought the computers in record numbers

    Provided similar terms for laptop purchase for the teachers

    Introduced a system of school based improvement by requiring that work be done to get a highly-trained teacher in every classroom

    Required every principal and head teacher to lead on teacher professional development in areas such as language arts, mathematics, and the sciences

    Managed the ‘asbestos crisis’ with skill and professionalism, the Riley Brand of Politics, that resulted in a calming down of parents, teachers, and children and put the school system back to work in one week

    Provided free school bus for six weeks to all families as a result of the upheaval to the school bus routes caused by the crisis

    Negotiated the ‘Rebuild Montserrat Scholarship’ with Professor Clement Sankat at the UWI St Augustine Campus, a tuition free scholarship for three years

    Rebuild Montserrat Scholarship had its first award to a young Montserratian from 2013 to 2016

    Worked with Hon Jermaine Wade to deliver youth and sports programmes

    Secured financing of $100,000 for relaying the turf at Little Bay Grounds so that the 300 metre track could return to the Montserrat

    Funding also used to completed the construction work on the Little Bay Park pavilion that now has toilets and two dressing rooms

    Purchased new covers for Little Bay Grounds to provide a First Class Cricket field, ready for regional cricket matches at any level

    Purchased two new motorized cricket pitch rollers, one for Salem Pak and the other for Little Bay

    Focused on Cricket on a policy agreement with the Hon Wade

    Founded the Rising Stars Cricket Club with David Lane in 2011 to provide coaching and other supports for youth cricketers

    Provided consistent training for youth cricketers for four seasons now

    Delivered 12 gear bags with cricket equipment valued at over $1,500 per bag, some of which is being used by our High Performance Cricketers in leagues and tournaments in Antigua and West Indies Cricet Board youth tournaments

    Started the Junior Basketball Programme with Coach Alex Marshall, a programme that is ongoing and is being supported with funds from charitable fundraising

    Constituency Representation, Community Engagement and Other Contributions

    Successfully resolved medical, education, and social welfare issues for constituents all over the island

    Made donations to many causes, community groups, and individuals on a consistent basis

    Provided leadership as Chairman of the St. Patrick’s Week of Activities, the March Festival that has grown leaps and bounds since my leadership began in 2008 – Six Years of Consistent Leadership

    Wrote business plans for several businesses and supported loan applications for small business owners in many sectors of the economy

    Supported a revival of the economy by focusing on tourism and small business development

    CHL Consulting Wrote in the foreword to the Tourism Development Plan 2012 – 2022 (Incorporating TDP 3 and 5-Year Business Plan), Final Report, 24 August, 2012

    “We would also like to acknowledge the support of the Government of Montserrat … particularly the Hon. Colin Riley – Minister of Education who was particularly supportive”

    My meeting with CHL Consulting lasted over three hours and many of my suggestions were incorporated into the final report