Hon Charles Kirnon


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  • Charles Kirnon has given his entire life to community service at all levels from village, parish to parliament. During his many years of service he has been driven by a desire to see ordinary people improve their lot in life. He is an advocate for fair play and social justice for all. Despite having risen to the position of Deputy Premier he remains as accessible and approachable as he was as the president of the Cudjoe Head Community Group. He believes that there is dignity in all work that is legal and above board and so encourages all to be creative in their use of the many things we have on island that can provide a livelihood in this regard he has led by example.

    As Deputy Premier and Minister of Communications, Works and Labour, He has shown his ability to provide principle leadership and dedication to duty.

    In highlighting his Ministry’s performance from 2009 to present day he has stated that most of the manifesto promises were achieved.

    For example:-

    • We have renewed the respect for the government of Montserrat locally, regionally and internationally.
    • We have stabilized the economy through enterprise incentives and infrastructure development.
    • We have enacted a new labour code giving protection to workers and employers alike. An integral part of that code is the Safety and Health Section.
    • We have ascertained the presence of a Geothermal resource by the studies of the area and by the drilling of two wells
    • We have introduced a bigger and faster ferry to service the Island thus enhancing travel to and from Montserrat.
    • We have ensured that all non established workers have been established and pensionable.
    • We have completed phase 1 of the road project making the road from Salem to St. Johns more comfortable and user friendly.
    • We have created a proper side walk from Cudjoe Head Centre to Brades thus alleviating the potential road hazards that existed before.
    • We have funds approved for the MUL Power Plant Project, Construction of the facility due to begin before the end of August.
    • We have completed the removal of Gun Hill phase one of the Port Project.
    • We have completed the construction of a new ferry terminal at port Little Bay.
    • We have seen the passage of several pieces of legislations and amendments, (ie) – The Merchant Shipping Act and the Road Traffic Amendment Bill.

    Any Government which has provided employment, advanced economic growth and ensured equity and fairness would have done the peoples works.